1、With the person this : Respect, trust, understanding, care and encouragement, reasonable arrangement of the enterprise and staff grow up together
2、Iinnovation : Innovation mechanism, innovation, service, innovation, quality, innovation culture
3、Precise refinement : Essence is a kind of pursuit, is a kind of state, the pursuit of perfection to the extreme, only by constantly transcend never satisfied

Business philosophy

Quality: Company's power plant used electrical original, all pass national xing fu inspection center certification through, and the introduction of domestic advanced management plan of the enterprise, from the production, the pre-sale, sale, after-sale strict management procedures.
Service: Beauvais company owns tens of megawatts of marketing at home and abroad, the design, construction and operation experience, complete one-stop service concept, according to different needs of customers customized power generation system, using high quality domestic electrical equipment to ensure that the user power system safe and efficient high life, to create a perfect service for the user experience .
Value: As a professional photovoltaic system operator, has more than several years of megawatt power plant design, construction and operational experience, to ensure the trouble-free operation of the plant, for the plant stable income protection.

Service concept

Service spirit : We have to force on each customer's satisfaction and success
Concept of time : Day is it, nissin high
Service goal : Customers for our shenzhen, strengthened our service to customers
Service method : Enterprise management mechanism, marketing strategy, service concept and the quality of employees, to improve and casting. The well-known degree and the reputation of the enterprise brand, more time is reflected in the whole process of enterprise production, management, service, including enterprise and employee industry every little link.

Management concept

Humanistic concept : Create value for customers, creating opportunities for staff, creating benefits for the society.
Concept of efficiency : What day is finish nissin high
Competition concepts : Fair competition and fair business
Cost concept : Standard business enterprise, strengthen enterprise competitive position