Quality guarantee

Bowei Solar Energy has been striving to heighten the quality consciousness among all the personnel. It has worked to implement the quality management concept through training and other means. Besides, Bowei exercises strict and comprehensive quality guarantee system among its 100-member professional quality control team, so that these efforts will involve in all the processes which are from raw material to after-sale service, as well as HF, UV and attenuation, etc.

Quality guarantee
Management of supplier: We have strict management procedure to make sure all our raw materials meet the specifications, which includes examination and regular assessment of suppliers, verification of new materials and other process controls. We have been strictly implementing the ISO9001 quality management system and have worked to improve the internal audit system, including routine inspection at production line, strict regular cyclic inspection on control of process alteration. Strict management and control has been exercised on the alteration of the devices for component production, technological parameters, and raw materials. All the alterations must undergo the review of alteration by the company so as to make sure the production process is free of mistakes.

Quality control
Advanced process control system: Our company takes the lead in introducing the MES system (computer production implementation system) to the solar energy realm, which allows all the production processes to be monitored at real time and the technological parameters to be collected without delay. SPC control will be introduced to the key control points of process as a way of finding out the abnormal conditions in the production process. After that, we shall analyze the reason and take related measures to ensure stable processing. Guarantee of reliability of product quality: 100%’s flash, insulation test, EL and appearance inspection shall be conducted to ensure the quality of the delivered goods. Furthermore, our company carries out regular reliability test pursuant to IEC61215/IEC61646 and other requirements, including ML, DH and TC.

Quality service
Product traceability: The data during component production are complete, reliable and highly traceable, thus serving as an ideal platform for quality assurance and tracing of problems. After-sales service: Keep a close watch of customer needs all the time and try our best to provide customers with professional solutions. Bowei commits itself to establishing long-term partnership and mutual trust with customers, including ML, DH and TC.